10 Tips for an Eco-Friendly Summer

Although you can practice sustainability all year round, there are some tricks and tips that are ideal for the warm weather months--especially as the weather heats up and people spend more time outdoors. We put together a few of our favorite steps to a "greener" summer in this week's blog!

Mineral-Based Sunscreen

The majority of sunscreens have harmful ingredients that do not readily decompose in nature. Avoid lotions with oxybenzone in them and try to use mineral-based protectors. Healthier for you and the environment, it is a practical step.

Reusable Water Bottle

While staying hydrated in the heat, be sure to use a reusable water bottle. Cutting down on your plastic use is an easy way to reduce your environmental impact!

Check out https://www.hydroflask.com/refill-for-good to learn about how re-filling your water bottle is part of making a huge impact!

BBQ Fuel

For your evening barbecues, grill with propane or environmentally-friendly charcoal, which emit fewer chemicals into the air.

Outdoor Lights

Plenty of properties now have several outdoor LED lights. Save on electricity usage by only turning on a few lights for safety purposes, and only using all of the lights when you need them or are enjoying your backyard space.

Heated Pools

If you have the option, use less electricity by only heating up your pool or hot tub when you plan on using it. You might even be surprised how warm the water gets simply from the sun beating down on the pool cover all day.

Car-Less Travel

Whenever possible, travel by foot or bicycle. Take advantage of this beautiful weather while we have it--before winter comes knocking at our door!

Air Conditioning Use

If you are fortunate enough to have air conditioning, you know what a blessing it can be! However, save money on your electricity bills and help the environment by being intentional with your AC use. Turn it off when you are away from your home and, if possible, only cool down the rooms you occupy most. Merely being conscious of when your air conditioning is on will help a lot!

Grow Your Own Food

Creating your own garden is not only fun, challenging, and rewarding, but it also saves you money on groceries and benefits your surrounding environment! Flowering plants offer bees a place to pollinate, and trees that filter air give you a cleaner property! Also, a garden is an excellent learning experience for the kiddos!
Don't have the space for a garden? Head to a nearby "U-Pick" to support your local farmers!

Rainwater Harvesting

Alderwood, especially our Bellevue/Snohomish office, loves the idea of rainwater harvesting. Even though rain is uncommon during summer, those occasional evening storms can provide enough water to keep your garden (and lawn!) happy for weeks! Place a bucket or two below gutters to collect water for replenishing your landscape later!

Vacation at Home

With recent events, the idea of "vacationing at home" has become increasingly popular. What better way to limit travel than to vacation at home?! With options like sport courts, outdoor kitchens, tree houses, she-sheds, park-like designs, fire pits, and waterfalls, everything you could want in a vacation can be right outside your back door!

Integrating these eco-friendly tactics into your summer living is both do-able and a blast!Challenge your friends and family to join you for a sustainable, healthy summer!

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