10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

We love celebrating this day dedicated to God's green earth! Alderwood Landscaping appreciates the great outdoors and exists to help others enjoy spending time outside their homes. So as spring makes its appearance, we encourage you to unplug, get outside and breathe in some pure Pacific Northwest air! Here are a few ideas to get you started!

Go on a Hike

    Enjoy the area you live in by exploring a local hiking trail or nearby park. If you live in Washington, consider investing in a Discover pass. $30 gets you one year of unlimited access to every Washington state park. Need ideas on where to go? Visit alltrails.com for information on accessibility, difficulty, and age recommendation.

    Limit Vehicle Use

      If you are like most of us, you likely have somewhere to be on earth day. If you can, carpool, take the bus, walk or ride a bike to your destination. Not only is this great for the earth, but your health will also benefit from the fresh air and exercise!

      Focus on Reducing Waste

        Reducing waste is a great practice to habituate no matter what day it is, but especially today! If you want, challenge your friends and family to join you! Make it a zero-waste competition, and have fun with it! For example, refill a water bottle at home, pack your lunch in a container instead of a plastic bag, and take digital notes rather than using paper. Get creative!

        Clean Up Your Community

          Keep your neighborhood clean by organizing a park clean-up event or picking up trash during your next walk. You can also be on the lookout for any clean-up events that might already be going on. Many neighborhoods and city parks departments have earth day events planned for this Saturday. Consider joining to help create a prettier, cleaner, and healthier community.

          Improve the Air Quality

            Simply adding a few plants to your home or office space is a great way to improve the air quality and add a touch of natural greenery. Have little space or a black thumb? Head to your local garden supply or succulent shop so the experts can help you find the perfect plant friend!

            Plant a Garden

              Kick off spring by starting your vegetable garden! And what better way to celebrate earth day by digging in some dirt? Prepare your garden beds and planters with fresh soil. If applicable, now is the time to transfer your indoor seedlings outside. To save money, plant edible crops. You can read more about important spring garden tasks here:

              Bird Watch

                This fun activity is the perfect way to celebrate creation. Grab some binoculars and a bird book (or download a bird identification app on your phone). On your next walk, watch and listen for some feathered friends!

                Start a Compost Bin

                  Check out our blog on composting to learn how to start your own compost bin right from home! Start now to provide your garden with excellent compost throughout the summer!

                  Buy Local

                    Spend some time shopping local, eating at family-owned restaurants, and buying locally sourced food. It reduces shipping costs, as well as supports your community and families in your hometown!

                    Keep Researching!

                      There are many resources available for you and your family to positively impact the environment. May this only be the beginning!

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