4 Spring Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid

With warm weather almost here, it's time to start making your landscaping plans for the year. However, before you start scouring Pinterest or dumping hundreds of dollars at your local hardware store, make sure you avoid the top four landscape design mistakes.

Excessive Decor

One of the basic elements of landscape design is simplicity. Nothing is wrong with extravagance, but overloading a yard with ornaments (gnomes, frogs, etc.) and potted plants so that you can barely see the pathway will not convey beauty or tranquility. If you want a welcoming, trendy yard that is sure to increase property value, focus on planting a few flowering plants and shrubs in garden beds. Keep them spaced out from each other to allow the roots some breathing room. You might be surprised at how good simple looks!

Failing to Plan Ahead

When bringing in a new landscape design, set yourself up for success by doing your research. Consider prioritizing the elements you want, outlining a budget, and researching prices. Lastly, don't forget to think ahead and make your design both functional for your family's needs and considerate of your schedule. If you only have a limited amount of time available to maintain your landscape, you need to ensure your design is low-maintenance from the start!

Not Understanding Your Property

Make sure you know the ins and outs of your property before you grab a shovel. Drainage, sewage pipes, water lines, the soil's pH level, and topography are just a few of the things about your property that you should understand before diving into major landscape redesigns. All of these factors play into plant longevity and final design.

Professional-Grade Expectations

One thing is for sure - nobody knows the necessary details of design execution like the professionals! If you have a large landscaping project that you want to be done with precision, consider hiring a landscape design or architecture company. This way, you can relax knowing everything is in the hands of the experts!

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