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7 Outdoor Hosting Mistakes You're Probably Making

If you enjoy having people over, you probably want to host parties people will rave about. But could you be making these simple mistakes that worsen your guests' experience? Keep reading to find out and ensure your next gathering is unforgettable!

Not Giving Neighbors a Heads Up

Nothing puts a damper on a good time like a cranky party pooper. Don't forget to give your neighbors a heads up on your festive plans to avoid catching them off guard. Unless you want a noise complaint, evaluate your guest list and don't overestimate the number of guests you can control the noise level of, comfortably seat or park. Not only will your neighborhood be grateful, but your friends will be, too.

Going Overboard with Planning

One mistake many hosts make is over-planning. When people attend a party, they may be up for a few planned activities, but oftentimes they would rather simply catch up with friends over a drink or a game of cornhole. While there should be things to do during your gathering, be sure to not overwhelm guests with a strict itinerary.

Lack of Activities

Another hosting fail to avoid is not having enough activities that your guests get bored. Imagine showing up to a party only knowing a few people. The conversation eventually dies down and everyone is left staring at each other, feeling awkward and bored. Be an understanding host by introducing new friends and put on easy games or ice-breakers if necessary.

Neglecting Guest Comforts

Make sure your guests are comfortable by providing amenities they may have forgotten. The "hostess with the mostess'" should be prepared by offering sunscreen, blankets for cooling temperatures, and insect repellent. You can even set up a cute table with these extras and add a blanket basket or citronella candles for aesthetic. An enjoyable evening by the fire can end quickly without a mosquito deterrent. Also, ensure your guests are aware of where the restroom is located upon arrival. Keep everyone comfortable and ensure your gathering lasts into the night with warm smiles and happy hearts!

Hosting with an Awkward Setup

When preparing the party space, make sure that the space flows naturally. Plenty of seating and several dining areas are key. Strategically place food and beverages in various locations to avoid overcrowding one area. Also, if you position must-grabs in low-traffic areas, your introverted guests will be put at ease. This configuration also elicits more natural mingling. This aspect can make or break your party, so don't neglect the setup!

Ignoring Younger Guests

If some of your friends have kiddos, consider making the party family-friendly and including kid-friendly activities. Not only does this release the parent's chore to find childcare, but it also provides an opportunity for you to become the coolest house on the block! With an outdoor movie set-up, age-specific indoor activities or games, and plenty of snacks, your house will keep the children entertained for hours! Happy kids means happy parents!

Hosting Without Creating a Welcoming Space

Finally, the major mistake made by many well-meaning hosts is not first preparing their yard for an outdoor gathering. You want your space to be inviting for guests and well-equipped for hosting. If you're ready for your landscape to match the luxury of your home, consider a landscape remodel done by a landscape architect. Even just adding a paver patio with a covered structure can make your home the neighborhood BBQ spot! Or, consider adding a water feature focal point to make your landscape the talk of the town! Either way, you won't regret creating the perfect atmosphere for welcoming friends and family!

So, are you guilty of making any of these mistakes? Want to take your hosting game to a new level? Check out some of our backyard resorts to see if we could make your dream yard a reality!