Easy Mowing Tips for a Healthy Lawn

Growing up, waking to the buzzing sound of a lawnmower and the rich smell of fresh-cut grass was the tell-tale sign that summer was around the corner! As we are knee-deep into spring, here are some easy tips for mowing your lawn!

With adequate watering and these tricks, your yard will be transformed with healthy roots and grass that stays green all summer long!


The condition of your equipment plays an instrumental part in how effective your mowing is. Before the first mow and regularly throughout the season, ensure the oil is changed, the blade is sharp and any excess clippings are cleaned out. A dull blade is especially harmful to your grass, weakening it and causing ragged edges.

Blade Length and Mowing Frequency

Experts say that to maintain the health of your grass, keep blades about 3 inches long and only let the grass grow a couple of inches taller than that before mowing. Because cutting too low (or too short) damages the roots, it is best to only cut the top 1/3 of the grass, keeping it taller than 2 inches. This means that during spring, mowing every 4-7 days may be best, with less mowing is required during the drier summer months.

Organic Mulch

Perhaps the most common lawnmowing misconception is bagging clippings. While it may appear cleaner temporarily, it deprives the soil of organic nutrients the grass needs. Keeping your lawn mowed frequently allows the fine clippings to act as a natural mulch, replenishing the ground. This not only saves time but it also saves you from having to spend money on an expensive fertilizer.
If your lawn gets especially long, cut it twice within a couple of days (first at a high setting, then at a normal height) so the clippings remain short. If the blades are too long, it will clump and have trouble decomposing, hurting the grass.

When in doubt, contact your local yard and garden care center or hardware store. Most importantly, enjoy these nice-weather days while we have them!

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