Essential Landscaping Tasks You Should Be Doing This Winter

While this winter weather can make you feel forced to neglect your landscaping for three months, there is actually quite a lot of prep and planning to do. In fact, taking these steps to ensure your lawn and garden are ready come spring is incredibly vital to your landscape's success and beauty for the rest of the year! Don't worry, though--we have these critical winter to-do's listed right here.

Prepare for Spring

As soon as spring hits, it is time to plant, so make sure your garden beds are ready in advance. One important winter task is to dig up your beds and aerate the soil; this helps ensure the dirt is healthy and full of oxygen when it comes time to plant. It also breaks up compacted soils so that nutrients distribute evenly amongst seeds and bulbs. While this process does not have to take place during winter, this time of year is usually the most convenient since soils should be moist and free of any desired plants. Another way you can prepare your harvest for spring is to start germinating seeds inside. Several types of seeds must be sown in January/February, so this is a crucial step to implement. Also, since you will be choosing which seeds to plant, why not lay out the full plan of your garden and landscaping space, too? Creating a game plan for your garden going into spring is an excellent use of time, especially if the winter weather is delaying any landscaping progress outdoors.

Clean Up

Since it is winter, it is likely that, regardless of where you live, wet weather will cover the area at some point, making it difficult to work outdoors. Nevertheless, this is no reason to panic! There are plenty of things you can do for your landscape from indoors! First, clean your gardening tools. It is best to do this at the beginning of winter before you store them for months on end. Ensure there is no moisture and use a homemade solution of vinegar water to remove any rust. Speaking of water, your hardscaping is probably getting plenty of it. Be sure to take a couple of dry days to wash the dirt, grime, and moss off your decking and patio area. It will not only look healthier but also avoid possible damage.

Normal Maintenance

Finally, remember that even though it's the off-season, your yard still requires a bit of sweaty labor! Experts recommend mowing your lawn at least once or twice a month to keep weeds under control and to ensure sunlight is reaching the roots. If you have drier winters, try to keep the weeds at bay so that you don't start spring with a civil war amongst your plants. Our last tip for you may seem obvious, but pruning is vital. Make sure large flowers, like roses, and trees are in their best shape for the upcoming year.Following these tips should not only fill up the "honey-do" list for a while but also help prepare your gardening space for a beautiful season ahead.Can't wait for spring? Check out our blog on getting the most out of your landscape this winter.

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