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4 Landscaping Myths in Coeur d'Alene

When embarking on any home improvement project, getting the right information can be a challenge. DIY blogs, hardware stores, and your Dad probably all have different advice on the best way to paint your siding, organize your garage, or trim your shrubs.
Landscaping, in particular, can have conflicting recommendations, since some gardeners focus on plant health and wildlife, while an inexperienced landscape design company might more focus on aesthetics and forget practicality.
Before you dive into or avoid any project, be sure to separate rumors from landscaping facts. Here are just a few landscaping myths you shouldn’t believe.


While believing this myth won’t necessarily harm your yard or garden, only planting new growths in the spring means that you might miss opportunities to save money and enjoy your yard later in the year. Though planting in the summer heat can dry out young plants, careful watering can overcome this problem. Similarly, many garden centers offer discount prices on plants later in the season, and autumn is actually the best time to plant many species of trees.

potted plant


Some yard caretakers choose to mow their grass as short as possible so that they won’t have to mow their lawn as often. Not only is this method bad for your yard’s health, but it can also be counterproductive. Mowing short can “burn” your yard by exposing tender grass roots to the sun. Additionally, a shorter mow can encourage weed growth instead, leading to a messier look and a more frustrating mow the next time. Stick to the recommended three inches of grass.

hand mower


Though a bare lawn may lack curb appeal, inappropriate landscaping can create even greater household problems. For example, planting trees too close to a home can invite pests into your attic or damage your roof. Shrubs that are too dense or close can encourage mold growth on your siding. Other amateur gardening techniques can disrupt your yard’s drainage and even cause flooding. Before you start a project, make sure you know it won’t actually damage your home.



As these lawn myths prove, hiring a landscape design company is the best way to make sure you’re transforming and maintaining your yard properly. Landscapers can prevent yard-related disasters and can offer recommendations about the species and designs that will look best with your home’s architecture. A reputable landscape design company can even instruct you on how best to care for a landscape once it has been completed.
Don’t believe these myths for a more beautiful and functional yard. Proper landscape design can even earn you money since landscaping can increase a home’s resale value by 14%. When starting a new yard project, use caution, do your research, and don’t forget that hiring a professional can help you enjoy a more professional look for years to come.

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