Helping a Dreary Landscape Come Alive in Winter

A common misconception in the world of landscaping is that the winter months are intended to be used in preparing your yard for spring. However, there are quite a few plants and greenery that not only thrive in cold weather but can be used to add elements of color and interest to your landscape just in time for all of your holiday hosting.
This frosty season can be a perfect time of year to take advantage of plants with unique branches. Against a gloomy backdrop, these features come to life. Harry Lauder's Walking Stick has unique, twisted branches with long, yellow catkins that flourish in winter. The branches bring interest to a boring landscape and the yellow flower adds a welcome splash of color. Dogwood plants, with their colorful bark, are also a great pick.
After pulling out and cutting back the majority of your flowering plants and shrubs, the ground is likely to seem bare. Bring relief to your exposed flower beds with plants such as snowdrops, daphne, mahonia and chionodoxa (Glory of the Snow). These shrubs offer a rainbow of color and an abundance of greenery. They also take up a bit of space to help your beds appear full and healthy.

winter greenery plants waterfall

Just as the song suggests, holly is a great wintertime shrub loaded with berries that add festive charm to any yard. Holly isn't your only option either--firethorn, beautyberry and crabapple are berry-producing plants and trees that add vibrant hues. Berry-producing plants can also provide natural entertainment as a snack spot for neighborhood birds.
Many landscape designers prefer to anchor their outdoor designs with larger trees. Evergreen trees offer a highly-valued, low maintenance option as well as various colors and leaves. From blue spruce to yellow conifers, trees may be just what your yard needs during these colder months.
At Alderwood Landscaping, we believe that creating your dream backyard means creating a space that you can enjoy all year. This means choosing plants and greenery that offer charming views regardless of the season or temperature. So, when designing your landscape, be sure to consider elements and greenery that will be captivating all year long.

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