How to Host a Beautiful Backyard Wedding

Are you thinking about hosting a wedding on your own property? Ultimately, you want to ensure the whole space is functional for guests, the wedding party, visiting family, and kids--while also creating a beautiful space for photos and decorations. This may seem overwhelming, but don't worry--we've curated a list of the top things to consider during the planning process.

Consult the Engaged Couple

The most critical piece of preparing to host a wedding is to create an elegant, professional, and welcoming atmosphere. Before getting wrapped up in creating your own fairy tale, though, meet with the bride and groom to ensure your intended design matches their desired theme. This discussion must be prioritized since it largely impacts other decisions in the preparation process. Some couples may want a simple, elegant wedding with string lights and an arbor as decor. Other couples may look to you for an extravagant setup with seating, games, live entertainment, a sound system, an open bar, or more. Once you have these things nailed down, you can move on to preparing the property!

Preparing for Decor

When planning the wedding setup, first consider what you already have to work with within your landscape. Evaluate options for natural backdrops and existing seating. If the betrothed provides decor or setup items, verify whether you can set these up beforehand or if someone else is in charge of those things. Also, do not forget to check your electrical and parking accommodations to ensure your property can handle the number of anticipated guests. The last thing you want is cranky neighbors or a blackout ruining the wedding! Figure out these details beforehand to ensure the most stress-free wedding possible.

Landscape Overhaul

When hosting a backyard wedding, you want your landscape to look sharp! You can hire a maintenance company to trim the hedges, mow the lawn and clean the patio the week before the wedding, but don't be afraid to also put in some elbow grease! Consider pruning some of your larger trees or shrubs and adding a fresh layer of mulch. Blooming annuals add a nice touch and brighten up your beds in the spring and summer. Try this tip: imagine every corner of your backyard as a photo backdrop (because it will be)! Spruce up your landscape to be as photogenic as possible.

Hosting Amenities

At first, cleaning up your backyard and home for a wedding may not seem too difficult. But what if you want to provide a wonderful experience for the wedding party and guests? Here are some amenities to offer ultimate comfort:

•Offer plenty of seating and lounge areas out of the way of the main flow of traffic for guests to mingle and tend to small children, if necessary.

•Ensure there are plenty of bathrooms for guests (you can rent outhouses very easily)

•If the bride and groom haven't already thought through this, become the hostess with the "mostess" by providing blankets, insect repellent, and sunscreen as necessary.

5-Star Wedding Venue: Focal Points and Features

Perhaps you have the means and want to put on an extravagant wedding that the couple, family, and guests will remember forever! Creating a backyard resort is the perfect option. A water feature creates the perfect reception focal point or a gorgeous backdrop for the ceremony. A lovely fire pit area or two immediately brings an eloquent ambiance to the party. Outdoor kitchen space is optimal if dinner is provided. Plus, a covered structure ensures the party will go on no matter the weather!

If you are interested in installing these elements through a major landscape overhaul, hire a landscape designer or architect to construct the perfect solution to all of your needs. Of course, any backyard masterpiece will be a delight to use even after the wedding! It is a worthwhile investment that will indeed pay for itself.

Alderwood Landscaping has completed backyard projects for over 30 years. In particular, this one, completed in Eastern Washington, was explicitly designed as a wedding venue. A large pool with a sun deck lies against a magnificent water feature focal point. Check out more here: Wedding Retreat

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