Landscaping with Boxwoods

Boxwoods are not low-maintenance shrubs, but with a bit of initial effort and regular watering and pruning, they are an excellent option for intermediate gardeners that want to try their hand at a design-intended plant.

What are Boxwoods?

Boxwoods are a strikingly vibrant, evergreen shrub that is most noted for its formal use and edging in landscaping. They come in several varieties depending on their shape, and various moisture and sun needs. Because of this, they thrive in zones 5 - 9. Since these dense shrubs do not have very noticeable flowers, boxwoods are perfect to edge or offer privacy. They are often brought into a landscape to reflect European styles.

Caring for Boxwoods

The key to caring for boxwoods is to ensure their soil is loose and drains well. Common diseases overtake these plants when their roots soak in water for a lengthy amount of time, so allow the soil to dry out between watering. That said, water needs to reach a mature boxwood's long roots, so observe how your plant is doing so you can provide it with the appropriate care. Most of these plants need partial to full sun, but some shade is vital if you are in a warmer environment. As for pruning, many people like boxwoods due to their custom shaping ability. However, it would be best to choose a variety that grows into a similar size and shape to what you want. When pruning, make window cuts, removing branches close to the center of the bush. This allows light to get in and helps maintain a healthy plant.

Designing with Boxwoods

Boxwoods are an exciting addition to a yard due to the endless creative opportunities. Whatever design you choose, though, be sure to plant your boxwoods with their growth in mind. They need ample root space and can grow quite large depending on how you prune them.

A quick search on Pinterest reveals ideas for design and shaping, so check that out! Here are some other suggestions:

-Arrange plants in a specific shape or use to outline a pathway or sectioned garden areas

-Create privacy or a backdrop by lining them side by side

-Some varieties can thrive potted, which offers flexibility and a unique style

-Plant with other flowering, low-growing shrubs that add texture and color, such as roses and lavender

Boxwoods are an excellent choice when it comes to introducing European flair to your landscape. With a bit of effort and a lot of care, your yard can become home to these classy shrubs.

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