The Quiet Gardens Landscaping Trend

The Wall Street Journal came out with an article last month that emphasized an up-and-coming trend in landscaping. According to the article, "quiet gardens" have become increasingly popular in the previous year to reduce anxiety. Gardening and landscape maintenance are known to reduce stress, but this new trend refers to a calming landscape design from the start. Keep reading as we flesh out this new trend.

What is a Quiet Garden?

A quiet garden, as some call these landscapes, is a specially designed garden space. The purpose is to create a calm landscape area that offers a tranquil oasis away from life's stresses. Some key characteristics include an immersive, multi-sensory experience from the influx of natural elements. For example, crunchy gravel, multiple textures--from different bark on the trees to different types of foliage--and flowers with distinct smells make up a quiet garden. Another critical element is the soft aesthetic in design, with no hard lines. Any particular form or structure is usually implemented by adding a piece of art or a small, non-intrusive fountain. A legitimate serene garden is most distinguished by a graveled space, enclosed by tall, flowing greenery.

Creating a Calm Landscape

To create a peaceful garden, avoid using bright colors. Neutral, quiet colors, especially natural blues and greens, are ideal. Harsh colors like red and yellow are too bold. Most calm landscape designers choose to use several types of ornamental grasses, especially bamboo, because of their natural feel, tall growth, and the white noise created when rustled by a breeze. Usually, these grasses are placed in such a way to make the garden a separate room, closed off from the world. This is key for a peaceful space.

Depending on the designer and homeowner's preference, they may add a fountain or organic furniture to the garden. Structural elements in an anxiety-reducing landscape are often made from organic materials. Small wooden or woven benches and, depending on the owner, concrete or porcelain statues are common.

Zen Gardens

A specific type of serene landscaping, Zen gardens have been around for years. Though similar in color scheme and foliage, they have distinct differences. The design of Zen gardens is characterized by circular, spiraling patterns in the plantings and rocks. Contrary to simple, calm landscapes, Zen gardens do not have any water or flowers. They maintain simplicity and a natural aesthetic to the fullest extent.

With this new landscape trend, plenty of our previous clients have been calling asking for Alderwood to come install a new garden space in their backyard resort. If you are thinking of adding on to your space or if you are starting from scratch, give us a call!

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