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The Top 7 Landscape Design Trends for 2023

The new year is upon us! We scoured landscape experts' opinions and, combined with our own experience, have curated the list of landscape design trends to watch for (and use) in 2023!

Adding Greek Flare

Mediterranean vacations have left homeowners coming up with their own greek getaways. This year, exterior experts expect greek-infused designs to become a significant theme. In your landscape, you could include an abundance of terracotta, box shrubs, archways, and a heavy presence of white florals and furniture with colorful statement pieces.

Infiltrating Pops of Color

Last year, the world started shifting away from neutrals. We now see this implementation of color becoming a mainstream trend. Pantone's color of the year, a vibrant magenta, also expresses this desire for bright tones. Bring this trend into your landscape by adding flowers, patterned outdoor furniture, and brightly colored pillows.

Combining Textures

Inflation was heavily present throughout 2022; thus, styles and trends in the new year will likely reflect that. A sharp rise in hardscaping costs resulted in using multiple textures in outdoor design. We'll continue to see plants, trees, grass (or turf), and gravel used in intricate patterns to substitute pavers.

Container Gardening

Container gardening is trending primarily due to its convenience and low cost. This modernized approach to gardening also allows stylistic creativity and flexibility by using different pots or moving them around. Minimalists or those with limited space will find it easy to jump on board this trend.


Large garden spaces, chicken coops, and DIY projects have taken up excess outdoor space due to the popularity of homesteading. The trending quest to be self-sufficient will continue to influence home landscapes.

Creating Cottage Gardens

Cottage gardens have popped up frequently in recent years. Though more of an old English practice, the desire to have an outdoor forest to escape to has brought them popularity worldwide! Simply put, these landscapes are full of colorful flowers and shrubbery. There is no rhyme or reason to the design except for the whimsical beauty of dense foliage.

Indoor Living (Still) Brought Outdoors

Outdoor living spaces are expected to maintain their popularity throughout this year. This trend has slightly evolved from its introduction a few years ago to focus on luxury-based elements. Homeowners now use TVs, heating elements, fans, and living room furniture in their exterior spaces.

As experts in the landscape design world, we love to bring these trends to life. Are you ready to use ALL of your property this year? Ready to start that process? Schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with our landscape architect!

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