Three Surprising Environmental Benefits of Water Features

Considering water features are a gorgeous addition to any landscape, the environmentally safe benefits are simply cherries on top. Whether you are improving your yard design and considering a water feature or simply creating a more eco-friendly space, a water feature is a beautiful addition. Here are just some of the ways this addition creates a more sustainable environment.

Improves Air Quality

Adding a water feature to your landscape is a great way to increase the level of humidity during dry summers. While this may seem somewhat obvious, research has shown that adding any hydrating feature to your landscape cools the air and reduces the ambient temperature. In addition to providing a natural air coolant, outdoor water features clean pollutants in the air. As excess water droplets make their way into the air, the negative ions attract dust particles and purify the air as they evaporate.

Grows Your Eco-System

When you introduce running water into your landscape, you're likely to see an increase in the number of wildlife visitors! By creating a water source that insects and small critters can rely on, you help out wildlife and enhance the ecosystem that has the potential to exist right around your property! Then, when you enjoy your backyard, you'll have dragonflies, frogs, and birds to appreciate as well. Add some pollinator-friendly plants, and soon, you will be hosting a wildlife haven!

outdoor water feature

Limits Pollution

Believe it or not, a small pond in your yard offers excellent means to reduce pollution. For when it rains, create a rainwater harvesting system that filters into your pond. This practice prevents excess rainwater from collecting pollutants as run-off and draining into nearby rivers. Depending on your feature or pond's size, you may need a filter to help keep things clean, especially if you choose to host fish in your pond. Some water creatures help purify water, so consider bringing these types of aquatic friends into your ecosystem too!

With their gentle trickling or calming flow, water features can eliminate noise pollution from neighbors or nearby road traffic. You may feel that a peaceful backyard is far out of reach due to your yard's capacity or location. However, add a water feature and see just what a difference they can make! With so many different styles, heights, and sizes of outdoor water elements available, we recommend you work with a landscape designer or local expert to explore options and find the perfect choice for your space. You may be amazed at how merely adding some water can create a much more relaxing atmosphere in your backyard!

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While there are many personal advantages to bringing an outdoor waterfall into your space, the environmental benefits allow for a greater appreciation of such an addition.

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