Tips for Fertilizing Your Lawn This Spring in Coeur d'Alene

Spring is in full swing, and as this is the time of year when many people's focus shifts to gardening and lawn care, we decided to offer some tips for fertilizing. With the proper care, your yard can flourish, and you can enjoy lush grass all summer long!

Lawn Preparation

If your soil is compact and needs aerating, do this before applying fertilizer. This way, the earth will be loose, and the nutrients will have an easier time soaking down into the roots. When choosing a fertilizer mix, you may be overwhelmed with all of the different options. In the spring, choose a nitrogen-rich fertilizer. If you prefer organic options, you can also use compost.

Fertilization Timing

Fertilizing at the right time is crucial to ensuring success. Don't fertilize too early in the year. Instead, plan to do this in the middle of spring when the grass is actively growing and no longer dormant. However, ensure there are still plenty of rain showers (this is especially important in Eastern Washington). Water helps activate the nutrients and makes them soak into the grasses' roots. Thus, disperse fertilizer right before a short rainfall (or turn on your sprinklers after). One word of caution, though: a strong, heavy rain may wash away fertilizer, so plan accordingly.

Fertilizer Application

As for applying the fertilizer, use a hand-help or drop-spreader depending on the size of your lawn and the type of mix (the fertilizer's box or bag should explain which tool best distributes the seed). Thoroughly fertilize the entire yard, but ensure there is not so much that the ground is completely covered. You want to provide nutrients, not suffocate the soil. One application in the spring and one in the fall should be plenty to help jump-start your grass for lush growth all year! Regularly leave short grass clippings on the lawn to provide plenty of nourishment throughout the season.

Follow these tips (and seek advice from your local gardener), and you can expect to see positive results as soon as this summer!