Top Ideas for Landscaping Around Your Pool

When it comes to creating your dream backyard, a pool is a fantastic addition. Not sure what else you need to complete the space? Borrow some ideas from our expert designers!

Lounge Area

No outdoor area is complete without space for reclining poolside! Coordinate outdoor dining or lounge furniture with a custom paver patio to create a homey space perfect for entertaining. Also, consider adding a fire pit, which completes any backyard and provides a luxurious aesthetic.

Water Feature

You may think a water feature next to a pool is unnecessary, but consider the possibilities! A gorgeous trickling waterfall or columnar water feature will add style and ambiance to an otherwise simple backyard pool scene. Especially if you want a resort feel backyard, a water feature or fountains will create a stunning focal point.


Ample greenery around your pool is a great, flexible landscaping option for functional design. Natural elements surrounding the space create an authentic outdoor experience. When choosing plantings, be aware of those with leaves that will shed and dirty your pool. Also, some plants have lengthy root systems that could affect plumbing. We recommend chatting with an expert so that you can find the best plants for your environment. Some options that work well in the PNW include ornamental grasses and native, hardy shrubs and flowers.


No backyard resort is complete without the perfect lighting. Underwater LED and color-changing lights in your pool add a fun element to any party or get-together. You can also consider other lighting options around your swimming area, such as tiki torches, stringed lights or lanterns.

There are plenty of options when it comes to landscaping around your pool. If you are considering a somewhat major backyard overhaul, we would love to help you out! From design to completion, our architects walk with you through each step. Give us a call!

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