Sustainable Building Practices

Alderwood Landscaping has been providing Washington and North Idaho residents with stunning backyard landscapes for over 30 years. We've always used sustainable products and practices in our landscape design and construction, but now we want to bring to our customers the option to take sustainability one step further. By providing state of the art products and principles we assist in high efficiency water management, solar options for lighting and heating, and much more. If you're interested in a sustainable landscape, contact us today for a free consultation with a licensed landscape architect.


All Alderwood landscapes come with the Green tier of sustainable services. The Green tier provides a finished project that enhances your landscape with the protection of the environment in mind. This is extremely important to the Alderwood team. This is why we include the Green level of the Alderwood Sustainable Certification System in every project we do. We guarantee that your Alderwood crew will use recycled materials whenever possible, as well as smart irrigation and LED lighting.


This Silver tier focuses on water conservation through the use of new technology. This tier is ideal for those who want to increase the sustainability of their landscape from pure efficiency to cutting costs. This level includes everything we do in our Green tier in addition to the most advanced sustainable technologies in water conservation, which enhances your landscape with low maintenance, environmental stability.


This Gold tier enables Alderwood to complete your project using the most innovative resources to deliver significant environmental and sustainable impact. This elite level is best for those who desire to use the newest and most advanced technology in their backyard resort to impact their environment positively. Alderwood wants you to be confident in the life and longevity that these products in your project bring to your landscape!

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